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Bulls offseason: Noah, Boozer wonder what might've been. Plus: decisions on Brewer, Watson, and Asik

There's probably more to be said about the exact way the Bulls season ended, but it seems to matter less than the simple fact that it's over. There are a ton of really tough and complicated questions facing this team: how they can re-load while also recuperate.

But for now, there are the parting words of a couple of Bulls, who spoke with the media after going through their day of exit interviews. has the full quotes from Joakim Noah and Carlos Boozer. Nothing was earth-shattering, but there does seem to be a common theme:


I think the unfortunate part of this year is we didn't measure up against the teams we wanted to measure up against. I personally believe this group can compete against anybody, the Heat, anybody.


Wouldn't you guys love to see us at full strength and completely healthy when the playoffs start. We haven't had that yet.

As tough as it is for us, it has to be insanely rougher for the Bulls not to get their rematch with Miami. Because I'm guessing they were more confident of their chances than we (or at least, I) were.

I do hope that the players keep this confidence, as much as it sounds like the Celtics annoying 'nobody's beaten our starting five when healthy!' mantra of the past few seasons. But it was more than Rose's injury ruining the championship dream; as while I've seen the storytelling of 'everything was going well' before that happened, it just wasn't true. Derrick was never healthy, and in fact that may have contributed to the season-ending injury. Luol Deng wasn't at full capacity. We potentially saw some flaws revealed in the supporting cast when the spotlight shone on them in the Sixers series. Even in the nearly-impossible state of complete health, they'd probably be underdogs against the Heat.

The organization has a job to not assume that things were going just fine. Insteadl ook to improve a team that is indeed really good when all together, but may not be that same group anytime soon. It's a difficult task.

Other notes from the final official day of the season.