The Glut of PG Free Agents: Or, why there is no reason to ever see CJ Watson in a Bulls uniform ever again

Many people have been defending CJ Watson now that the season is over. To some extent there is good reason. He is an average player in every sense. He is a fairly likeable guy and he is familiar; then again, next year there will be about 10,000,000 available point guards. Were this not the case, I would think picking up his option for the sake of continuity was a good idea. But it isn't the case.

So I am separating the available points into scientifically determined categories:

Too expensive

Steve Nash - Obviously this is the pipe dream around these parts. But the fact is, he can go out and get as much as he can plausibly ask for (I assume in the 7-9 million dollar range for either one or two years) in New York and maybe even Miami or LA. He is still a star in this league, and he isn't going to go and be the 'captain of the bench mob' as I have read someone suggest.

Goran Dragic - Dragic has turned out to be quite the player. I think he will end up getting the second best contract of all the point guards out there (besides Deron) and being overpayed. The Bulls obviously aren't going to play that game.

Aaron Brooks - I assume this is what the Org hoped CJ would be, an offensive firecracker. Well...that went well. Brooks was pretty solid before he left, and I assume he will be looking for a starter's job so I doubt he will go where he knows it is impossible.

Raymond Felton - A pretty streaky player who can really pound the ball. He will end up being too expensive for his value and I just don't see it happening.

Jameer Nelson - He has a player option and has indicated that he will opt out. I think he is a good player and would be a good match for Rose, but again I think he is a bit out of what the Org will spend.

Jason Terry - If the Bulls were a top notch organization, this is the guy they would be looking at. Hamilton is very movable and Korver is great trade bait as well. Getting a guy like terry consolidates our need for a bench microwave and a backup point. He is a clutch player with veteran experience. His hyperactive religious blather is annoying to me, but obviously he is one of the most desirable guys on here, and as such likely out of reach.

Jeremy Lin - Another guy like Dragic who will be overpayed. His defensive capabilities are not a fluke, and I think he has some offensive skills are as well. It remains to be seen if he is worth the 6-7 per that he will likely grab.

Ramon Sessions - He has some score first tendencies and likely wants to start, but he has spent years as a backup in all kinds of situations and he can definitely play by Rose for stints. I think we need a playmaker first and foremost as a point guard, which he can do off the dribble, but his passing leaves a bit to be desired.

A bit out of reach

Chauncey Billups - I am not sure if he is willing to take the MLE or to eventually be behind Rose. But Hamilton is here which could give him a chance to reunite with his championship buddy for another go. He is a fantastic shooter from range and is big enough to guard twos. I still think of him as one of the better point guards in the league when he is on and it would be awesome if we could convince him to come here for a year or two.

Beno Udrih - I do not know much about him, though I have heard he is decent. He didn't play a ton in Milwaulkee though; but prior he put up solid numbers. Let me know if he is worth thinking about and what his value is. I will edit in a valuable commentary.


Andre Miller - Someone mentioned Miller before and I thought, "YES!" Miller could potentially take the MLE, he could totally man the ship while Rose is gone and he is just big enough to guard people at two and play beside Rose to consolidate our backcourt so we can spend elsewhere.

Jason Kidd - He is starting to show his age to the point that he isn't and upgrade from CJ.

Mo Williams - The poor man's Jason Terry. I think he will be chasing a good team, so he may just resign with the Clippers; either way he has solid scoring ability which is much needed on the bench. Though I was just complaining about us being similar to the Lebron Cavs; we also have more talent than them. Guys like Mo Williams and Terry just plain improve our talent, which should be of primary interest to the Org.


Jerryd Bayless - With so many point guards both already signed and available, Bayless could slip through the cracks. He is a strong shooter from distance, a good dribbler and slasher and all around similar player to Rose. He was a bit underplayed in Toronto and he could turn out to be a guy who could get some minutes at two. If anything he would be a certain improvement to CJ. I may, however, be underestimating his market value.

Delonte West - I LOVE DELONTE WEST. He is an all around player, he can defend three positions, he is a good slasher. Though he has some psychological problems he is liked by his teammates. When people talk about getting Kirk Hinrich again, Delonte does what they wish he could. He would be perfect for Thibs system and he would sign for a while and for cheap.

Also, pretending that we were the Mavs or the Lakers here are some other players we should be looking at: Restricted - Eric Gordon, OJ Mayo, Michael Beasley, Ryan Anderson -- Unrestricted - Jamal Crawford, JR Smith, Gerald Wallace, Kevin Garnett

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