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2011-12 6th Man of the Year voting: Taj Gibson receives first-place vote, finished sixth

James Harden was announced as the 2011-12 6th man of the year on Thursday. Like the DPoY voting, there's some Bulls popping up in the vote totals. Kyle Korver and CJ Watson received some recognition, the latter seems like a misinterpretation as he's provided his value when Rose was out, i.e. in the starting five.

Most noticeable is that there were 4 out of 119 first-place votes that didn't go to Harden. 3 went to the Lou Williams of the currently-hated Sixers, and 1 went to Taj Gibson. For first place!

I threw out the game of guessing which media member gave Luol Deng the defensive player of the year vote, but this seems even more glaring. And I think it's pretty obvious it's Chuck Swirsky. He's been known for a hometown vote before.

If you're not aware, Taj is expected to play tonight after injuring his ankle in Game Five.