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Bulls, Heat down to the wire for the #1 seed

Everyone's seemingly taken a day off today in Bulls-ville, so let's have a status update: With the Bulls losing and the Heat winning on Sunday, the Bulls are now 2 games ahead of their top rivals for the #1 seed.

They've split the season series so far, and have two games against eachother: one in Chicago this Thursday and the other in Miami the next. If the Bulls sweep those games they likely have it locked up. If the Heat sweep them, they could tie the Bulls and simultaneously own the head-to-head tiebreaker. But the Heat have proven they're more susceptible to bad losses so that's by no means over even if it happens. Here are the remaining games for each.

NY(4/10), MIA(4/12), @DET(4/15), WAS(4/16), @CHA(4/18), @MIA(4/19), DAL(4/21), @IND(4/25), CLE(4/26)

BOS(4/10), @CHI(4/12), CHA(4/13), @NY(4/15), @NJ(4/16), TOR(4/18), CHI(4/19), WAS(4/21), HOU(4/22), @BOS(4/24), @WAS(4/26)

If you assume they split the remaining two, it's good to know the rest of the tiebreakers. They're kindof confusing, but Bulls Confidential went through the dirty work once (before the weekend's games) so we don't have to. After head-to-head, it goes to conference record. Then, following that, record against conference playoff teams.

Does it matter who gets home court in this series? I think it does more for the Bulls than the Heat, simply because I think that the Heat are better (though it's close), and therefore the Bulls could use every edge they can get. And it will matter more than whatever matchups exist in the first two rounds as I don't see a 3rd team really challenging either of the top two in this conference.

You can make predictions here, but if you're right and gloat about it you'll be banned, so I don't really see what's in it for you.