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Derrick Rose injury: still aiming for Sunday vs. Knicks

Not really much of an update, but as long as there's no (announced) setbacks...that's good.

Let's hear from the lying liars. First, Thibs:

He just has to continue making the progress that he's making. He has practiced well and hasn't had problems the next day. As long as it stays that way, hopefully he'll be ready. We're optimistic and we're hopeful...We'll see where he is [Sunday]. He has missed quite a bit of time. Probably shorter minutes initially, but we'll see where his conditioning is, how he's feeling. The important thing is we want to be smart about it.

And Rose himself:

My groin is not bothering me. I'm happy to move on. My spirits are up. I felt good out there...It's really not up to (Thibodeau). It's up to me. If I'm feeling good, I'm going to play. If I think that I need some more days, I'm going to take some more days. More than likely I'll be out there.

Not as 'sure' as he was Thursday, but Rose says a lot of things.

In the interest of equal opportunity (or just not to have anyone feel too good, I'd hate that), an independent observation from Mike McGraw before Thursday's game:

At 7:25, Rose walked gingerly into locker room w/ an ice bag taped to his thigh. Is he "for sure" playing Sun? Doesn't look like sure thing.

Indeed, I guess we'll see. But so far nothing is announced to be wrong, so that's a good of news as we'll get. And even if he plays, the watch will then be on for when he's truly 100%, if that ever happens this season.