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Bulls vs. Cavaliers: Lots of resting for Bulls starters, even moreso for Cavs (Game Preview #66)


[UPDATE by your friendly BullsBlogger, 04/26/12 5:49 PM CDT: KC just tweeted that Rose, Deng and Korver are out. So we don't get another impression of Rose before the playoffs. The last one wasn't very good in my opinion. ]

Kyrie Irving is out tonight, keeping his season-long avoidance of Derrick Rose intact. It's too bad, as Irving has actually come back from an earlier injury and played well even though his team's been pretty awful. He has pretty much sewn-up the rookie of the year award...almost.

Who are the rest of the Cavs? SBN bro-site Fear the Sword helps:

The Cavaliers pointed out that many of their players are still playing for contracts. Players like Manny Harris, D.J. Kennedy, Alonzo Gee, Samardo Samuels, and Semih Erden are all guys that the Cavaliers have to make longterm decisions on. Do they want to bring them back next year? They'll use this game as another gauge of how much they like these players. Expect Kennedy especially to play extended minutes.

FtS also points out advantages of losing for their team's lottery position. This is also likely the last Cavs game for Antawn that's...nah, that's really nothing.

Meanwhile, Thibodeau says he expects a similar rotation to what we saw last night. With another win, the Bulls would clinch the top overall record by eclipsing the Spurs (who play late in Golden State).

And simultaneously with the Bulls game, both the Sixers and Knicks will be in action. We ran down the scenarios for them earlier today: unless the Sixers win AND the Knicks lose, the Bulls will get the Sixers in round one.

Special thanks to those who did BaB game previews all season long. Even though you tanked the final week, I really appreciated it and deem it a success for the 2nd straight year!