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Eastern Conference Playoff Matchups: Sixers likely to face Bulls in first round, Evan Turner wants it that way

The Bulls were locked into their Eastern Conference #1 position no matter what they did Wednesday night, though they can still get the top-overall record with a win tonight against Cleveland.

But their opponent is still to be decided. Both the Sixers and Knicks won, so it's down to this final night of the regular season. It's very likely the Bulls face the Sixers, as the only way they don't is if both:

This is all fine with Evan Turner, who's doing his best to help manufacture controversy to a likely-perfunctory first-round appearance by his team.

When asked what it would mean to face the Bulls, the Chicago native told the Delaware County Times, "It means we're dodging the tougher team. That's what I think...I think we'll be able to compete well against Chicago, and have an opportunity to win the series."

Turner then followed up on Twitter:

I didn't say anything negative. All I said is we match up better with them, smh...The Heat are a tougher team for us to match up with us if you look at our record vs them the past 2 years.

Meh. He's right. I don't get the point of saying it, but he's just being honest. And I do appreciate that, so consider me on Team Evan Turner...though that team will lose.

This reminds me of that big deal last year when that Pacer said something similar, and I forgot who it was (Granger?) and just remember they lost to the Bulls. The Bulls can pretty easily dispatch the Sixers, especially the way they've been playing in the 2nd half of the season, but I don't think their success against the Bulls can be completely dismissed, either.