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Bulls stat trends, John Lucas for MIP, and Jimmy Butler's new friend (Link dumpin')


Hey, nobody signed up for a game preview. I guess I don't blame you. Early start tonight (6pm CST) and the only real story is the rest/rust argument that was posted earlier today, so here's a few random Bulls-related links until then:

  • Steve Von Horn at SBNation Chicago has a lot of fancy charting that compares the Bulls individual stats (the offense and rebounding, anyway) to the league average at each position. There's some things to get excited about, like the absolute dominance in offensive rebounding. But some concerning signs as well, like Boozer and Hamilton's lack of FTAs.
  • It's awards season, and the well-rounded nature of the Rose-less Bulls make it not very exciting, outside of coach of the year. Unfortunately Zach Lowe (SI), Kevin Pelton (Basketball Prospectus), and The Basketball Jones all have Tom Thibodeau 2nd behind Gregg Popovich.
  • Pelton did mention John Lucas III as a finalist for most improved player. Here's a much more lengthy case. Though it's less of why he should get the award as it is why he should get it over Jeremy Lin.
  • It appears Jimmy Butler is strange in a good way, as evidenced by the introduction of his new pal Royce. (via BDL)