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Eastern Conference Playoff Seeding: what teams are preferring to face Bulls instead of Heat?


There's still only a single Bulls win or Heat loss to get the Bulls the #1 seed in the conference. And though at the bottom, Milwaukee is hanging on by a thread, the interesting jockeying is between Philly and the Knicks for the 7th seed. The Knicks now have a 1/2 game lead, but would both actually prefer falling to 8th? Liberty Ballers lays out the case:

both teams are likely secretly hoping for a matchup with the Chicago Bulls rather than the Miami Heat. Both teams play the Bulls better and, while their pride may become an issue with the whole "winning games" argument, don't want any part of Miami in the first round. The Knicks themselves are sitting Tyson Chandler and Jared Jeffries so they're ready for the playoffs, leaving Dan Gadzuric, of all people, to get major minutes in today's game against the Hawks. Smells a bit tanky [Knicks wound up winning that game -yfbb]...With the Bulls having all but locked up the top seed, it'll be a race to who can finish at the bottom. Evan Turner has already gone on record saying Chicago is the better matchup.(bulletin board material!)

Should we be offended? Eh.

Elsewhere, CelticsBlog is already looking to the 2nd round. If you want to feel better about yourselves and can do so with how others perceive your favorite basketball team, you can see that they would least like to see the Bulls in these playoffs. Seems spot-on, the rebounding edge would likely just be too much.

And the hated Pacers are already locked in to #3. So unless they beat Miami they won't get their special revenge against the Bulls, but more importantly it could lead to a lax effort for the game on Wednesday.