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Bulls vs. Mavericks: Derrick Rose still nursing ankle/foot injury, likely not playing (Update: or???)

[Note by your friendly BullsBlogger, 04/21/12 6:16 PM CDT: Twitter just blew up with news of Rose playing. Maybe. ]

Thibs gave the usual 'game-time decision' for Rose, who participated in parts of shootaround. As is speculated in that Sun-Times link, the schedule points to a rest opportunity with their next game not until Wednesday.

Meanwhile, interesting story about the ankle injury was furthered on Friday. During the Thursday TNT telecast, Craig Sager reported that something to do with how Rose's ankle was taped led to the subsequent foot injury. CSNChicago's Aggrey Sam went to some sources close to Rose and found something to it:

the All-Star point guard is also troubled by the lack of attentiveness to concerns he's raised to the Bulls, a member of his camp told

Among those issues is the fact that Rose's most recent ailments-a sprained right ankle and sore right foot-were exacerbated by the team's training staff's insistence on taping his ankles, a practice Rose has consistently fought against, opting instead for ankle braces.

It's been tough all season to figure out if there's any Bulls culpability in any of this, what with their game-time decisions and other nonsense. I certainly would like to blame them (gotta blame someone!), and this is a start. Don't yell at me, it's better than the possibility that Rose is injury-prone, right?