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Bulls vs. Heat: Derrick Rose out, Luol Deng will play. Bosh out for Heat

Right from Thibs himself.

Kind of disappointing, not so much that Derrick Rose should force himself to play in this game, but that he's clearly not healthy yet. Also, I question again the point of bringing him on these road trips when he has little chance of playing, unless the traveling support staff is better somehow.

I also question the idea of Luol playing on sore ribs when he's going up a freight train for potentially (likely) 40+ minutes.

For Miami, who've been resting non-LeBron's lately, Dwayne Wade is playing and Chris Bosh is a likely start (UPDATE: Chris Bosh is out, someone called Dexter Pittman will start). Ronny Turiaf is out, which some may 'pfft' at. But he's at least capable, and that's in short supply in south beach.

Game thread will be up at 7:09. Go Bulls.