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Bulls vs. Bobcats video highlights: Bulls win 100-68, Rip Hamilton scores 22

Well, it looks like the Bulls had a fine scrimmage on Tuesday night against the lowly Bobcats.

Good to see Rip Hamilton continue to put in solid performances. Wednesday night was actually a really good game for him, with 22 points on 13 shots. He only played 24 minutes but that was less due to any minutes restriction as it was because this game became a laugher in the second half. Every starter played around that amount of minutes.

If you look at the highlights (and that's all I watched of this one!), the Bulls seem to be running the same play, and Rip (or Korver) coming off screens is quite deadly. Either they'd hit their shots with the space given, or they'd pass to a capable Bulls big man when double-teamed. Works quite well against a Bobcats defense, and most others. But...really well against the Bobcats.