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(UPDATE: Both out) Rose and Deng likely out vs. Bobcats, Rose speaks on current pain and confusion

[Note by your friendly BullsBlogger, 04/18/12 5:28 PM CDT: Both Deng and Rose have been officially ruled out by Thibodeau, as reported from pre-game by the usual beat writers. And per Neil Hayes of the Sun-Times, since Thibs usually likes to have a practice/shootaround before ruling a player 'back in', it's very likely neither will play against Miami Thursday.]

Derrick Rose made the team trip to Charlotte (and later Miami), but likely won't play tonight. Neither will Luol Deng. Thibs has (hilariously!) called both a game-time decision, but with neither participating in shootaround it's a long-shot.

Every team's been resting players against the Bobcats. That's probably more likely the case when it comes to Deng. But in Rose's case, it was reported before the Washington game that the team isn't looking at this as a 'rest against bums' situation, and that Rose needs to play. Rose himself had a lot to say early Wednesday on the matter:

"It's not the actual bone it's the tendons around my ankle that has fluid on them," Rose said. "That fluid causes pain. Right now, I'm just waiting for the fluid to move around. We're trying to get it out as quick as possible. I should be all right."

Rose said he didn't remember injuring his ankle on a specific play against the Pistons but felt pain walking to the locker room afterwards. When he took off his shoe, his right ankle was throbbing, he said.

(if you'll recall, Rose played 41 minutes in that Detroit game)

There's a lot more from Rose there and in KC Johnson's report as well, and though Rose doesn't get quoted specifically referencing his foot injury, it's mentioned that he mentioned it. It's the same ankle/foot, so whatever.

Rose also talks about wanting to get back as soon as possible, and not thinking about missing the rest of the season. But he also mentions confusion overall in how poorly this season's gone in terms of his health. So I wouldn't read too much into any self-prognosis.