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Luol Deng injures ribs, playing status uncertain Monday


The hits keep coming, as Luol Deng's awful night in Detroit has added injury to insult:

Luol Deng gutted through close to 45 minutes on Sunday, missing 7 of 8 shots and taking a painful shot to his right ribs from former teammate Ben Gordon that could affect Deng's status for Monday.

There was a couple possessions in that game after Deng took a hit where he was doubled over in pain, but he remained in the game after a timeout. The pain didn't look as noticeable after that time, but it wouldn't be surprising if that and his ongoing wrist injury limited him.

Deng's a warrior and a hero to men of the world, but the topic of rest dared to come up post-game on Sunday. To which Tom Thibodeau, maybe even seriously, replied:

He's getting time off in practice, maybe we should have him practice and give him the games off; I don't know. Don't forget he missed nine games. If you studied his total minutes, you would see he has had plenty of rest this year.

(Incidentally, during these comments, one could see Luol Deng's tears of pain fill another ice pack for him to then use.)

Thibs goes on to mention that Deng helps even when he shoots as poorly as he did against Detroit. And as KC Johnson reports in that article, Deng himself wants to continue playing as much as he can to "keep in playing rhythm". So, unsurprisingly, both Deng and his coach want him to play.

There's a back-to-back tonight against Washington, then the front-end of another in Charlotte. So combining that with the best bench in the league does provide some opportunity for rest this week before another game against the Heat Thursday.