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Bulls vs. Heat video highlights: CJ Watson game-tying three, Asik block + Taj dunk in OT

Behold. Great to hear the call of this one. At the game, I don't remember it being that much of a defensive miscue by Miami, but you can see it. Someone between LeBron and Battier was supposed to switch (or stay) on Watson, and instead they both follow Korver into the Taj pick effectively making it a triple-team.

Great recognition by Boozer to immediately fire the pass to the weak side of the court. And even then you can see the strength Miami has in defensive recovery in Wade's anticipation in leaving Hamilton and closing out on Watson. But CJ had just enough time to keep Wade off-balance with a slight move and step-back. And then you can see LeBron watch the shot go in, heh.

After the jump, Asik blocks Wade's head off (at least he made it seem that way) in OT.