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Bulls vs. Heat: Derrick Rose practices Wednesday, Thibs says MVP is 'fine'

Latest from Berto: Derrick Rose went through practice, Thibs called his star 'fine' and the swelling in the ankle 'gone'.

More from Thibs via the Sun-Times , who've independently upgraded Rose's status to 'likely':

To me, at this time of the year, you've got to be smart about all that stuff. He probably could've played last night. He wanted to play. We just thought the smart thing was to not have him play. Don't take any chances. He has made great progress with all this stuff. He's feeling good. It was a freaky thing that happen to him. He's fine now.

This is sort of different from the defiant 'if he can play he'll play' stance of earlier in the season, but a likely smarter one. And to give the usual warning: he could be lying.