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Rip Hamilton Injury: Don't expect Bulls SG acquisition before deadline

The Bulls won't say beyond 'day-to-day', but the consensus speculatoin to Rip Hamilton's injury seems to logically figure that there being so many games in a week to say he's missing a few games. I wonder if he's still on the Bogans plan when that happens?

And then there's, of course, the question of whether the Bulls should count on him when they're trying to win a championship. Sam Smith at says 'whatever, man'.

It does to some raise the question of whether Hamilton is brittle and injury prone, though that wasn't the case until the last two seasons. Hamilton averaged 74 games per season his first 10, though 50 games per season the last two. However, part of that was in disputes with the team. But the Bulls likely didn't expect Hamilton to play a full season, anyway, given him playing irregularly the last two seasons. So some of this was not unexpected, though Monday's injury was more routine. That it isn't serious likely gives Hamilton a full month after his return to work back in with the regular starters.

Which suggests the Bulls aren't likely to panic looking for a personnel change.

I highlight the weird Sam-isms at play ("he was healthy before he got old", "Bulls figured he'd get hurt anyway") because they're fun, but later Sam does dive in to the real debate of what the Bulls are banking on when it comes to Hamilton, and whether they want to give up another strength (like frontcourt depth) to plug this hole that may turn out not needing to be plugged if Hamilton returns.

Doug Thonus at Bulls Confidential runs through some trade scenarios and comes away pretty unexcited in figuring that the best option is just hoping Rip conveniently stays healthy for when he's most needed.

Interestingly, Sam Smith brings up and dismisses a big salary like Kevin Martin, and Doug somewhat ridiculously suggests (reports?) the Bulls will avoid the tax this year because they're destined to be multi-year tax payers going forward (after doing so...never). Both guys (to different degrees) get more inside info from the Bulls than I, so maybe that's just reality. And while I'm open to dealing the Charlotte Pick, I get why some combination of that pick and CJ/Korver/Brewer gets you much. I'm not even sure Asik gets much of a return especially with his impending free agency, and while Noah's resurgence and Asik's stone-hands lessens his impact as opposed to a potentially starting SG, I get the reluctance: the 2nd quarter has minutes to be won too. I think keeping Taj Gibson is even more of a necessity given how poorly Boozer matches up with Miami.

It's likely not a safe route to wait on Rip, but that's the decision they made in the offseason, and there aren't many outs.