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Bulls vs. Pistons: Rip Hamilton 'expected' to return

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Maybe we'll get confirmation later today at shootaround, but for now we're working on the information from Atlanta where Hamilton was expected to play either then or tonight.

I don't know who writes the game previews for the Trib, but it provides the added wrinkle that Rip will come off the bench. I suppose there's no better way to 'ease' back into a playing rotation than watch John Lucas III dribble?

Detroit's expecting Rip to return as well. Here's Hamilton's ex-long-time teammate (and apparently texting-pal) Tayshaun Prince (via PistonPowered):

He wants to be a part of it so he can be ready for a deep playoff run. To not be able to do that, it has to be pretty tough because he doesn't know how his body is going to respond in the playoffs...Rest can be a good thing, but rhythm can be different, just being out.

Like I said earlier in the week, hopefully this is just about gettting back for Rip, not wanting to play his ex-team again.