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Bulls vs. Nuggets injury report: Joakim Noah avoids suspension, Derrick Rose addresses injury

Like usual when it comes to the Bulls lately, it's good news / groin news:

There was some speculation that Joakim Noah would be suspended after throwing the ball at the referee in Saturday night's game. It's what got him ejected, but no suspension was given:

Noah avoided Rondo's [ball-throwing] punishment - a two-game suspension - and will play Monday night against the Nuggets. Noah's only fine is the $3,000 for each technical foul he drew and $2,000 for his ejection.

That $8,000 is a pittance for the Bulls, who will have Noah instead of playing even more short-handed than they would've against Denver. They already will not have Derrick Rose or Richard Hamilton available.

It's Noah's $8k, but I guess the point still stands.

On to Rose, he spoke on the injury to ESPNChicago:

"(I'm feeling) way better," Rose said. "(When the injury occurred) I was actually bleeding, my groin was bleeding, but now it's healed. It's just scar tissue and it's pretty hard trying to get that to move around, it's going to take little time."

Rose said he hadn't been given a timetable as to when he would be able to return.

"Not yet," he said. "These things, (the medical staff) was telling me there was no time period. People have healed in a couple of days, in my case it's taking a little bit of time."

And that sort of fits the week-to-week timeline. Guess we'll have the persevering entertaining rest of the group to follow in the interim.