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NBA Rumors: Will the Bulls sign Derek Fisher? Do they want to? Should they?

Derek Fisher was traded to the Rockets, who will buy him out and make him a free agent. The rumor is that he wants to join the Bulls or Heat, but there are obvious unanswered questions that go along with this maybe-not-a-Bulls-story.

  1. Fisher's camp released the straightforward statement that "Derek's desire to win a sixth championship is what drives him and will continue to drive him as he moves forward." So, his list depends on who Fisher himself perceives as consistent with that "desire", understanding that Fisher would be pretty serious about that;
  2. Will he chase the #1 team on that list? Does he see more than a team or two as a chance to get that sixth ring?
  3. Are the Bulls better off just standing pat with C.J. Watson and John Lucas III, while just extending Mike James through the year, rotating Lucas and James on the inactive lists from week-to-week or game-to-game? More important, do the Bulls feel that way; or, to put it better, do the Bulls even want Fisher?
  4. Is signing Fisher worth keeping him away from Miami?

With Derrick Rose's return seeming completely uncertain and Watson having difficulty staying on the court this season, three point guards should be expected on the active roster of games for the remainder of the season. So, James or Fisher?