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Bulls vs. Heat - Derrick Rose status 'uncertain' with groin injury

Part of Rose's wild day yesterday: first getting fined, then needing an MRI, then getting in a car accident on his way to see his own doctor. From KC Johnson:

The pain emanated from what sources said is soreness in the groin area that needed a Tuesday MRI exam and could sideline Rose on Wednesday.

KC's report indicates that any injury was diagnosed before the fender-bender, but that likely didn't help. Sam Smith cites a fall in the Knicks game as reason for Rose's latest injury, but expects Rose to play tonight.

In that totally off-the rails post which I quite enjoyed, Sam also goes on to talk about how this game doesn't mean anything but still kinda does. It would be nice to see the Bulls try to work through some strategic (and possibly mental) roadblocks against the Heat. Luol Deng (who didn't play in the first Bulls-Heat matchup) was expected to return tonight, but I wonder if they deem it worth it if Rose doesn't play.