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NBA Trade Rumors: Bulls interested in Pau Gasol

The Bulls rumored interest in Gasol came up a few weeks ago but soon fizzled, and now Marc Stein is here to re-fan those flames:

The Bulls have long hoped to wedge themselves into the trade running for Orlando Magic star Dwight Howard, but sources told that Howard's well-chronicled lack of interest in a trade to Chicago has prompted the Bulls to switch their focus to Gasol in advance of Thursday's 3 p.m. deadline.

Sources say that the Lakers, however, have limited interest in the players Chicago would be offering, starting with Bulls forward Carlos Boozer.

So the Bulls would have to recruit at least one more team to the discussions to have any shot at Gasol, sources said, with the Lakers known to be insistent on getting back at least one certifiable star if they consent to the trade the Spaniard. Sources say that the Lakers, furthermore, continue to talk to other teams about Gasol in advance.

Oh. (and extra deflation from the cold-water-bucket man himself, KC Johnson)

Well, get creative in that trade machine, I guess. And I'll also be accepting detailed reports that can lie prove that Boozer isn't that bad. Extra credit if you can figure out how he's not a big step down from Gasol.