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Bulls injury update: Deng returns to the fullest, Rose has a stiff back

Bulls By The Horns fills in with the details on both Rose and Deng: Deng came back on Saturday night, played 41 minutes, and then practiced Sunday.

Said Chicago coach Tom Thibodeau: "He said he felt fine. He was good in practice. We’re encouraged by that."

Thibs is answering questions because Deng is not. Luol said he doesn’t want to keep talking about the injury. And, really, what’s the point? It hurts. He can play through it. And it probably won’t get better until after the season when he has time for it to fully heal (possibly after surgery).

I get Luol's stance not wanting to keep taking about it, but I also don't want to hear Thibs either, really. He (and Skiles was like this too) doesn't like talking about injuries, and treats everyone as a pass/fail grade. If you can play, you play to the fullest extent.

I didn't see Saturday's game, so I don't want to just say 41 minutes + 23-point win = bad. But looking at the gameflow, it seemed pretty unnecessary.

But now I suppose it's time to add me to those who also want to stop talking about it*. Thibs is a great coach, but he's wrong here, hope it doesn't come back to haunt them (and you couldn't prove causality if it did), and that's that.

(*Note by your friendly BullsBlogger, 02/06/12 11:47 AM CST] apparently that got some major confusion in the comments: I basically meant I'll try not to consistently say it's dumb and will potentially harm the Bulls since Thibs and Luol are cool with it, and Pax isn't choking anyone yet, so it's not going to change. But as an official stance I'll leave myself open to talk about it, as to not endure such a potential backlash towards a broken promise, yeesh)

(and for Rose, seems fine, just being an NBA guard and all)