Bulls vs. Boston Celtics: Game Preview #32

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Things we "learned" from Bulls-Celtics on Sunday:

1. John Lucas III possesses a unique NBA skill: the ability to move farther away from the hoop as he "drives"

2. Carlos Boozer defends the paint like a six year old who has to pee

3. Not playing makes Derrick Rose look like someone shot his dog [I still maintain he always looks like that -yfbb]

4. Omer Asik, whose offensive game might be described as, "like Kevin McHale's, only the exact opposite", takes so long to go up with the basketball that he can't buy a call, even when he's getting hammered, apparently because the refs just don't feel sorry for him

5. Between Stone Hands Taj and Lu's off night, there were so many rim-outs that I couldn't decide whether Rondo actually steals talent or Pedro Cerrano has switched sports.

6. ...and that's before we get to Ronnie Brewer, who shoots at the rim like he's Vinnie Jones and the hoop is Boris the Bullet Dodger (NSFW language)

7. Your 2011-12 Chicago Bulls, possibly the weirdest collection of misfits and half-complete players to have ever led the NBA in anything, let alone wins, has enough scrap and hustle in them to stay in games to the bitter, bitter end nearly all the time.

Don't worry, I'm not going to get all misty-eyed. Giving up a colossal triple double to Rajon Rondo rightfully sends all of us to DEFCON 1, while CJ's late game decision making (rush up a bad three with a full clock, then dribble around as time runs out?) and Booz's defense could make the Dalai Lama throw a remote at his dog. But there's at least a little validation of the Gospel of GarPax in Sunday's performance. THese guys might not shoot so well, and might lack playmakers even when the abysmal two-PG backcourt of CJ and JLIII is on the floor, but MAN do they give a shit.

And that's good news. Because right now, even if Rose's back is making "gametime decision" into nothing more than a Thibs mind game, somewhere in the Berto, Joakim Noah is saying rude things about Kevin Garnett's mother, Thibs has been on the treadmill for 24 straight hours in the video room, and Luol Deng is putting razor blades into his sock in case Rondo grabs at his bad wrist again. These guys are more blue collar than Bruce Springsteen, the dad from Everybody Hates Chris and Chuckie from Good Will Hunting* combined. The Martian may be marching his gang of spiteful geriatrics on Chicago, but I have no doubt the Bulls will be ready when they get here.

*[Yep. Blow me, Boston.]

Some Stuff:

- KG missed the double-digit loss at home to the Pistons (ouch) last night; no official word yet but since it was a late scratch I'm guessing he plays.

- Jermaine O'Neal is back, which should strike fear into the hearts of no one, while Brandon Bass is still out.

- Rondo and Chris Wilcox continue to play well together, in general but especially in transition. Rondo put up 35 in the loss, while Wilcox had 17 and 9.

- KC tweeted earlier that the Bulls now have the best winning percentage in the NBA, despite their 5 starters not playing together in nearly 6 weeks. A sort-of feel good stat, I guess.

- Noah's been on a tear lately, averaging 17 points and 11 boards in his last four games. Hopefully this is a sign of what we can expect going forward from #13. He was also on PTI yesterday talking about how much he loves playing in Chicago, and I for one will shed a tear if we trade him for Dwight's flakey ass. Lower your weapons, I'm not saying I'm against a Howard trade, but I'd hate to see Lu or Jo go before they had another shot at beating the Heat. Then, in June, if we're not celebrating a title, we can march on JR's house (or yacht, or whatever) and demand a trade. I'm partial to this one:


Game's at 7 on TNT. Troll here: CelticsBlog. Go Bulls!!

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