(UPDATE: Rip Hamilton shut down) Bulls at Philadelphia 76ers: Game Preview #22

[Thanks to LindseyHuntersBackup for today's game preview (sign up!). Deng and Rip are out, the latter being practically shut down until fully healthy. By Rip's own words combined with my math, he's at 5% of a single leg right now -ed.]

Hey guys, long time follower, infrequent poster, and first time doing a preview, but I figured I’d give it a shot. The Sixers are a very interesting team in that like the Nuggets they have been very successful without that “Superstar”, and even have the highest point differential in the league. Hollinger had them number one in his rankings earlier in the year (I think both he and his rankings are a joke). Philly was also able to give us some problems in our last two matchups last year beating us in both of them. We did however blow them out in the first meeting. Alright, onto the matchups.

Derrick Rose over Jrue Holiday

I actually think Jrue will end up being a very nice player for the Sixers. He’s a smaller guard but very quick and able to easily create his shot. He is also shooting 40% from the 3-point line. With that being said, we have D-Rose and will win this matchup every night. I think the real question is will Rose get 30 points for the 4th straight game.

Jodie Meeks over Kyle Korver

Although I will give Meeks the edge in this matchup, it is a very slight one. They are extremely similar in the fact that both are excellent shooters but do not create their own shots that often. I give the slight edge simply on athleticism.

Andre Iguodala over Ronnie Brewer

Whether you want to consider Ronnie our 2 or 3, he will be covering the better player. Which today happens to be Iguodala, an extremely talented player that I feel can still evolve his game greatly. There is a reason his name was mentioned for the Olympic team roster (although briefly). Ronnie’s shot has been struggling lately; it would be nice if he could get back on track offensively.

Carlos Boozer over Elton Brand

Both players were mentioned as possible amnesty players and probably will be going forward, although I don’t see it happening. Boozer had a nice game vs. the Wizards, actually getting some inside shots and should be able to again this game. Injuries have really derailed a very solid career for Brand as we traded him because he would "only" be a 20-10 guy.

Noah over Battie

Noah is on a tear lately and he really should be able to take advantage of Battie. I’m going to be honest, I have seen very little of Battie but although Spencer Hawes was having a nice season before his injury, he was starting over Battie so I think that about sums it up.

Coaching: wash. These are two excellent coaches that have their teams in great position.

Bench: wash. Without the injuries it would obviously be us, but the injuries are there.

Game is at 6 p.m Central at the Wells Fargo Arena.

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