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Bulls in talks to name new practice facility

The Bulls are negotiating naming rights for their new practice facility, and one of the top possibilities is Adidas.

The boys discussing their strategy for another financial championship
The boys discussing their strategy for another financial championship

It was announced a couple of weeks ago that the Bulls would be moving from the Berto Center to a new practice facility next to the United Center sometime in the next few years. Not only will the location of the Bulls' practice facility be changing, but so will the name.

The Chicago Tribune's K.C. Johnson is reporting that the Bulls are currently negotiating naming rights to the new facility, which is scheduled to be ready by the 2014-15 season as part of a magical 2014 plan that will bring the team back to glory.

Perhaps the top possibility being considered should not be a shock to anybody, because a certain injured star player has a massive shoe contract with them:

One possibility, the source said, is Adidas, the shoe and apparel company that signed Derrick Rose to a $250 million contract last year. Reinsdorf and other front-office personnel met with Adidas officials in Portland, Ore., on the Bulls' recent West Coast trip.

The team's new building could be called the Adidas Center, the source said. The Bulls are also believed to be negotiating with other companies on the rights.

This makes perfect sense, because $$$$$, and we know how much Jerry Reinsdorf loves that. Never fear though, because Michael Reinsdorf says the presence of Sheri Berto, who Jerry named Deerfield's Berto Center after, will be prominent at the new building.