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Bulls vs. Bucks: Noah, Deng still wistful for last season

Jonathan Daniel

Note by your friendly BullsBlogger, 11/27/12 8:24 PM CST: Deng had a lot more on the matter after practice on Tuesday:

I don't know what was expected. I don't know if you guys expected exactly the same bench...that bench, that Bench Mob was great, we won a lot of games because of them, but they're gone. Some of them are struggling with their (new) team, some of them are doing well, but this is a new team. Not every team is always going to be about a Bench Mob.

It's not fair to the guys that are here, the new guys, to be compared to the guys (from) last year. They're still getting used to it.

Even the Bench Mob, the first year we had them, it took a while to get going and when we got going it clicked. And the year after that, last year, what helped us a lot was we had a lot of guys returning so we knew how we play and we knew how to play with each other. We're still learning how to play with each other.


Three quotes from Monday night:


We’re not playing how we need to play, how we used to play.


There’s a lot of guys not here who were good pretty good defensively

Thibs, when asked if there was a reason why the bench only played a combined 10 minutes in the second half:


It appears it's not just loser fans (hi!) who still can't get over this past offseason.