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Bulls vs. Bucks: Dalembert to play, Jennings a 'gametime decision'

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Bucks PG Brandon Jennings making use of Kirk Hinrich's modeling for future UC statue
Bucks PG Brandon Jennings making use of Kirk Hinrich's modeling for future UC statue

The latest from the enemy via the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel (ht: BrewHoop)

Brandon Jennings took part in the Bucks' shoot-around session on Monday morning at the Moody Bible Institute.

He had an ice pack on his left ankle and said he treated the injury all day Sunday. Jennings, who sprained his ankle in the final minute of Saturday's home loss to Chicago, remained hopeful he could play in the Bucks' rematch against the Bulls on Monday night at the United Center.


Bucks coach Scott Skiles was encouraged with the way Jennings moved during the shootaround. And Skiles said that center Samuel Dalembert would be back in the starting lineup after not playing on Saturday night.

Skiles would not confirm the reason for Dalembert's benching, but Dalembert said the issue was a "misunderstanding." Dalembert said he was in the locker room more than an hour before the game but stepped outside the locker room and was talking on the phone.

"Coach said there were certain times to be there, and I was in the building," Dalembert said. "I thought it was a little harsh. My team could have used me out there.

"That was the punishment. Nobody told me nothing before the game. So I found out the next day. If there's a miscommunication and a misunderstanding ... everybody misunderstands stuff but we communicate.

"But we got everything solved. Everything's cool now."


Having Dalembert back could go a long way to helping the Bucks keep from getting obliterated on the boards like they were on Saturday. But if they don't have Brandon Jennings it could more than negate that.

The Bulls, meanwhile, are still remarkably healthy.