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Bulls vs. Phoenix Suns preview: The circus trip begins

The Bulls begin their five-game circus trip tonight in Phoenix.

Christian Petersen

[note: thanks to Belize for throwing this together at the last minute]

So nobody signed up for this: SHAME ON YOU!

Bulls/Suns is still one of my favorite games to see. I used to live in Phoenix and up to this day, I feel a weird way about these games. The best part (in my opinion) is the fact that Bulls fans come out of the woodwork for these games (X Factor: Nate Robinson should feed off the crowd). Also, U.S. Airways is one of those stadiums that other fans envy. The stadium is wonderful, the cheerleaders are sexy, the halftime show and in between things are very engaging..but the fans..ehh.. these Suns fans: now that's the weird part because it almost feels Staples Center-ish (If you know Lakers fans, you know what I mean). Anyway, couple quick points because I am almost out of time and I am beginning to babble:

(1). The need of a strong start: Entering our "circus trip" with a couple banged up bodies, I think it is imperative that we start this road trip strong. A nice win should do wonders for our confidence and it will also show how good of a road team we can be.

(2) Marquis Teague: Just let the kid learn. He sucks, that's a given, but if he can continue to build off last game and gets some more poise by the end of this road trip, I think that can help make us a stronger team. Plus, we gotta see what the kid is made of. I hated the fact that we never got to really develop a lot of talent in the past, or just failed to do so properly. Either way, at least let the kid's trade value go up, right?

(3) Joakim Noah: I have been waiting (since he was drafted) to see how good he can be, and this season, he is turning out to be very beastly. What I hope for: more feeding Jo in the post and let's see how great-er he can be. Maybe it will help Carlos Boozer. Ehh..Boozer, let's move on.

(4) Nate: As I mentioned, I think Nate will feed off the crowd. I don't know why, but I expect a big game. (and since my fantasy team sucks, i need him to step it up lol)

Those are my quick takes, if you want a professional preview, check these:

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And if you want something from the Suns point of view, check out Bright Side Of The Sun.

As usual: Go Bulls. Let hope for a safe, healthy, awesome start to the road trip and get well D. Rose. We humbly wait for #TheReturn.

Gametime: 9:00 PM ET, November 14, 2012