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Bulls Show Episode 20 - The Team of Glass Continues to Win Ugly

From Mitch and Nillz:

It's Saturday Night Live with your hosts, Mitch & Nillz! The guys demonstrate their dedication to the show (or social deficiencies) by recording episode 20 after the Bulls victory over the Minnesota Timberwolves. Mitch & Nillz recap a 2-1 week where there was reason for optimism... and then there was Carlos Boozer. Can "Captain Save-A-Booze" (Mitch) make a convincing argument that the much maligned power forward is still a productive player? Listen to this and much more, including our MVPs of the week, NBA news & notes, the "world famous" fastbreak, and even a little insight on whether the guys are as mediocre playing basketball as they are podcasting basketball.

Click here to listen, or use the embedded player below.