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Kirk Hinrich injury: Bulls guard scheduled for MRI Sunday

Bulls guard Kirk Hinrich left Saturday's 87-80 win over the Timberwolves with a hamstring injury and will get an MRI on Sunday.

Why do you keep making me hate you?
Why do you keep making me hate you?
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[Update by your friendly BullsBlogger, 11/11/12 1:25 PM CST: KC reports that Hinrich had the MRI this morning, Thibs says 'day to day'. Because that's what he does. ]

I only saw snippets of last night's win against the Timberwolves, so I don't have much to offer in terms of actual game analysis. All I know is that Carlos Boozer continues to stink, Marco Belinelli actually did something worthwhile and Nate Robinson was about as bipolar as you can get on a basketball floor. Oh, and Kirk Hinrich is hurt. Again.

Hinrich left the game in the second quarter with what the team is calling a "strained hip." Naturally, Hinrich is calling it something different, although apparently K.C. Johnson had to chase him down in the hallway because Kirk doesn't like making post game appearances in the locker room when he would be forced to talk about an injury:

This would be the third different injury Hinrich has suffered this season, as he missed some brief time in the preseason with a thumb injury and a groin problem. Bulls Confidential's Doug Thonus notes that the fact that Hinrich is getting an MRI at all implies that perhaps this new injury is a bit more serious.

I actually did see when the injury occurred (after some weird dipsy-do he tried), and it certainly was rather strange. He didn't appear to land awkwardly or anything, but all of a sudden I'm reading tweets from the Swirsk that he's heading toward the locker room, followed by a shot of Kirk limping away. The limp didn't look TOO bad, but he was definitely limping.

While Hinrich's play has been a mixed bag this season, the Bulls really can't afford to lose him. Robinson has been a wild roller coaster ride, while Marquis Teague simply isn't ready for big time minutes. Teague played a little last night and I did see him hit a layup, but Thonus said he didn't do much else very well.

The Bulls will be able to sign some point guard help in about a week if Hinrich is out for an extended period of time. I would have to think Marko Jaric would be one of the first guys the Bulls look at considering he was in camp with the team. Certainly not all that inspiring a name, but I think I'd trust him more than Teague at this point.