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Bulls vs. Kings game preview: Bulls look to take advantage of soft opening schedule

The 2012-13 season begins.

Jonathan Daniel

It's more important big-picture news that Taj Gibson's contract extension talks will be ongoing tonight, but: there's also a game! Bulls basketball is back!

I've tried to immerse myself in random coverage today, and even I (someone who's got a bad feeling about this season) admit it's always exciting to see the Bulls return.

And they get a pretty favorable matchup to start this year in hosting Sacramento. This is a team that had Bill Simmons guffawing at the roster construction, calling it a 'pickup basketball team from hell':

The Sacramento Kings Are a Mess | 2012 NBA Over/Under (via GrantlandNetwork)

Though as pointed out in that description, they do also have talent. Drafting so high for several years can do that, and last offseason they netted Thomas Robinson in the draft and also signed Aaron Brooks off the Chinese scrap heap. It's an athletic frontcourt that happens to almost rival the Bulls in offensive rebounding.

They also have our old pal James Johnson starting, and no clue who's finishing.

As for the Bulls, all hands look to be on dreck (hahahahaha). Kirk Hinrich returned to practice this week, and will start tonight. It'll be interesting to see how Thibs uses him: if it's full Thibs-ball, or he lets Nate Robinson (who looked good as a starter) take some of the pressure of of Hinrich.

We'll also have to see tonight how short the rotation gets, especially if this game stays close. Based on that last couple of preseason games, Vladamir Radmanovic is completely glued to the bench, Marquis Teague can't be trusted, and Marco Belinelli is close to it.

This is the start of what may be frustrating, hard-to-watch, but will certainly interesting season for the Bulls. Looking forward to some real games, you guys.

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