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Bulls unveil new marketing campaign: "Chicago Basketball"

Semi-cheesy, but not too bad.

With the season opening today, the Bulls pushed out their new marketing campaign for the season (ht: Jon Greenberg). I don't hate it! I mean, there is cheesy sports-marketing-speak, and I don't think Chicago is uniquely 'unselfish' or 'hard-working', but the concept is pretty good:

So what does Chicago Basketball mean to you?

A common response usually has something to do with Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and the six world championships won in the 1990s. To some, it means accompanying their kids to youth league games or practices after school or on the weekends. To others, it means Derrick Rose representing the South Side, the vision of Mark Aguirre starring for DePaul in the late 1970s and early 1980s, or the memory of fallen Simeon star Ben Wilson. No matter the answer, for countless residents in every part of our city, basketball is much more than just a way to stay fit.


Today the Bulls unveiled the organization's fully integrated marketing campaign entitled Chicago Basketball, which captures the deep connections the city and its residents have to the game.


A secondary theme that will be seen this season in a number of Chicago Basketball executions is "Every Moment Matters". "Every Moment Matters" was inspired by the way Bulls basketball is played - players and coaches who work with unwavering dedication to "team," a commitment to the fundamentals, and a focus on every detail.

I think this is more interesting than one would figure at first glance. The Bulls really aren't that identifiable as 'Chicago's team': Jordan made them a global phenomenon (hi, clicks from across the world!), and in the city's consciousness they seem far behind the Bears and baseball. Even the Blackhawks, though less popular, evoke more of a tribalism-fueled fanbase than the Bulls.

And nice for the Bulls to show some sense of humor with the 'every 48 minutes matters' slogan for Deng. I'm sure you can come up with your own in the comments.