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Kirk Hinrich injury: "gametime decision" for Friday preseason finale

The Bulls commented on Kirk Hinrich's groin injury, but didn't offer much.


Kirk Hinrich suffered a groin injury during Tuesday's preseason game and didn't play in the second half. The Bulls didn't practice today, but did assemble at the Berto Center. Hinrich didn't speak to reporters (again...and I think he used to do this a lot in his previous stint in Chicago?), and Thibs gave no real update:

Dusting off one of his favorite phrases, coach Tom Thibodeau declared guard Kirk Hinrich "a gametime decision" for the Bulls' final exhibition game Friday in South Bend, Ind., against the Pacers.

"He should be OK," Thibodeau said. "He just tweaked it, so we'll see. He said he felt better."

As KC alludes to there, this already harkens back to last season's nonsense with the injury updates to Rose and other Bulls. Thibs doesn't like to give out state secrets, because he's a coach and coaches are insane people. KC did provide the only actual reporting I could find:

Rip Hamilton provided another reminder of the fun that was 'covering' a groin injury (or worse, actually having one), providing some irony given what the pulled (get it?) last year when rushing back to face the Pistons and re-injuring himself:

It's tough because you want to be careful with it. A groin can linger. You just want to jump on it as quickly as possible. And the one thing was good with him was he didn't come back and play the second half. Sometimes your adrenaline will allow you to say, 'Nah, I don't want to sit down. I'll figure it out at the end of the game.' And I think that's what most players do.