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Preseason Bulls vs. Thunder: OKC to sit Durant and Westbrook

Bulls-Thunder just got a lot less interesting.

"That's it Russell, ride my coattails!"
"That's it Russell, ride my coattails!"

Well, there goes much of the hope of tonight's game being interesting:

Against the Bulls, Brooks has chosen to sit Olympic gold medalists in Durant and Westbrook, partly for rest after a hectic summer, but primarily so Brooks can continue his far-reaching evaluation of an overloaded roster.

"Give some looks to other guys," Brooks said of his latest starting combo. "It had nothing to do with injuries. I wanted to see guys play extended minutes and (this was) the only way to do that, because we have so many guys at the wing spot."

Brooks said free agent guard DeAndre Liggins and reserve forward Lazar Hayward also will get extended looks against the Bulls.

(via KC)

Eric Maynor, who's coming off last season's ACL surgery, will start at PG for the Thunder instead of Westduck.

I haven't read anything about Thibs' plan for tonight, and he is probably cackling at the idea of revealing something as preciously secret as a preseason lineup so early. Judging by the last couple of games, if the game is 'in doubt' (as if that matters) the starters will play unnecessarily long.