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Nate Robinson highlights from preseason win over Bucks

With Derrick Rose out, Nate Robinson can't completely fill in but can help with the highlights.

David Banks-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Nate Robinson had a spectacular outing on Tuesday night, with 24 points and 13 assists alongside an even more impressive 0 turnovers.

But just as important (not really) is that he provided some highlights. The Bulls have been amazingly effective over the past two seasons, but don't really provide many highlights outside of Derrick Rose. Though that's pretty great, he's not around for much of this season, and it will be fun to have Nate around.

Below are two highlights, one of his alley-oop off the glass for Jimmy Butler (the Bulls, including Rose, NEVER throw lobs), and then his buzzer-beating 3 to end the 1st quarter.

Below is the full-game highlight vid from Tuesday night