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Luol Deng and Richard Hamilton will play Tuesday against Bucks

Luol Deng and Richard Hamilton were back at practice for the Bulls on Monday, and both guys will play on Tuesday against the Milwaukee Bucks.

Mike DiNovo-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Bulls starters Luol Deng and Richard Hamilton were back at Bulls practice today after missing Saturday night's yawner in Minnesota. Deng sat out Saturday with a sore groin, while Hamilton just had the night off because he's old and frail (my words of course). K.C. Johnson tweeted that both guys will play tomorrow night against the Milwaukee Bucks:

It's good to hear that Deng will be back on the court, and hopefully him sitting on Saturday was just a precaution. With Derrick Rose already on the shelf, the last thing the Bulls can afford is Lu missing time this season. This is also good news for Jimmy Butler, because now Tom Thibodeau won't be "forced" to play him all 48 minutes, which seriously happened against the Timberwolves.