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Preseason Bulls vs. Timberwolves: Jimmy Butler forced to see all 48 minutes

An apparently unwatchable preseason game occurred Saturday night.

Brace Hemmelgarn - US Presswire

Didn't watch the Saturday night game against Minnesota. Both Deng and Rip were out (we'll perhaps find out more about Deng's injury today), Kevin Love wasn't playing for the Wolves. I was considering watching the (digital) tape until seeing this on Sunday.

And indeed, there was an insane number of fouls called, approximately one every 45 seconds. I guess that's how you get a game where not only noted foul-drawer Jimmy Butler gets to the line for 8 FTAs, but Kirk Hinrich does as well. That's usually a month's work for him.

Other things of note...Nate Robinson and JJ Barea faced off for a visually delightful time...oh, and Jimmy Butler played all 48 minutes.

I mentioned this at the onset of training camp, but again: the general attitude towards Thibs and minutes is so bizarre. Last year, people talked and made jokes about the minutes, 'gametime decisions', and such. The Org. insisted he does a good job pacing the team and those who cover them backed them up. By the end of the year the franchise is temporarily crippled due to injures, including until the last week of last year's campaign where Joakim Noah was put back into the game after bending his ankle 90 degrees, and it's still just jokes and shrugs when Thibs continues this nonsense. I realize there's no way to prove a direct connection between this aspect of his coaching and the injuries, so I guess Thibs is 'in the clear' in perpetuity (as if that matters). But, man, I hope someone is getting in his ear about this. There is extremely little depth on this team, and it's not like there won't be a regular season game where both Rip and Deng are out too.