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Carlos Boozer is going so far back to basics, he hired his kids' trainer

Training camp, where you find anything to justify a 'this is gonna be a great year!' story.

Mike DiNovo-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

This is just your classic training camp story. You can probably find one from last year where Carlos Boozer, or anyone, was really going to have a big season because of their offseason work. I'll at least give Booz credit for making this version of the tale unique: he found this trainer in his very own house, where the guy was teaching his (noted Miami Heat fans) children.

During the summer, Boozer sought out a new basketball trainer to help him develop him into a more all-around player and touch up on his fundamentals. While the Miami-based trainer, Devel King, was an unlikely choice for Boozer as King had no previous experience with NBA players, Boozer believes this season will turn out differently because of his work with King.

"I felt like the trainer I had before, things I was doing before wasn't getting me to be where I wanted to be at," Boozer said. "I wanted to switch it up a little bit. Ran into coach King. He was actually training my kids at the time. I loved what he was doing with them, a lot of fundamental work, which is great, a lot of footwork, jabbing, different things I thought that I need for my game.

Bulls Confidential gets to the absurdity of this whole thing:

1: Carlos Boozer switched to work out with his kid's trainer.

2: The trainer used youtube to scout him.

3: His kid's trainer decided to work on fundamentals with Boozer.

No offense to the process but doesn't this sound like a guy in way over his head?

It's training camp, so these stories happen. I'm not predicting a horrible season for Boozer because of this or anything. I will predict a horrible season for him because I think he's become irretrievably stationary and will sorely miss having Derrick Rose diverting defenses from him!