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Preseason Bulls vs. Grizzlies: Links and Reaction praising Mirotic, Robinson and another take on the new bench

Bulls/Grizz reaction links from all sorts of places and on all sorts of players.

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Some links with reactions from Tuesday night's preseason opener:

  • Doug Thonus at Bulls Confidential put forth a nice recap of the game, breaking down the individual performances of each player. One interesting thing I noted was that Doug felt Teague at least "looked" like a NBA player, whereas Matt and I both felt he sucked hard.
  • Both K.C. Johnson and Aggrey Sam piggybacked off Sam Smith's recent article about Nikola Mirotic and grabbed some quotes from Zach Randolph and Grizzlies coach Lionel Hollins on the Bulls prospect. Randolph was pretty effusive in his praise, while Hollins did point out some of the weaknesses in Mirotic's game.
  • The usually hilarious Jon Greenberg of ESPN Chicago delivered an excellent take on the struggles of the new bench. We get mentions of Thibs' vocal cords, Adriana Lima and a possible new nickname for the bench: The Bench Men's Club.
  • From the Grizzlies perspective, StraightOuttaVancouver isn't really taking things seriously: "consider that the Grizzlies played no starter more than 19 minutes and they were without Mike Conley.". No deal, I'm not considering it!
  • Sam Smith has his usual lengthy tome of a recap, but buried in there (and since we didn't mention him much was this blurb on Nate Robinson:
    The Grizzlies went right at little Robinson every time he was in there, though the Bulls saw that plenty with John Lucas and didn’t have big problems. Robinson is constant energy, once boxing out seven foot Jerome Jordan and diving into piles of players on the floor every time there was a scrum.
    To go back to the great Gothic Ginobili player capsules, not only has Nate shown to be a better defender than John Lucas III, he's been actually pretty good on that end.
  • BallDon'tLie has a couple of encouraging Joakim Noah highlights from Tuesday night. Noah ended his first-quarter stint with a pretty awful missed dunk when he showed discouraging lack of lift. But beyond that he seemed to be running the floor quite well.

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