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Tom Thibodeau contract: Thibs makes the media rounds, credits Jerry Reinsdorf

Monday was certainly Tom Thibodeau's day to celebrate. Though I doubt he barely even gave himself that much of a pause before immediately getting to work on this coming season.

The newly-papered head coach of the Bulls had three lengthy interviews on Monday:

In those interviews, you'll notice a common theme that may be unsettling to some: Jerry Reinsdorf had a huge personal role in this:

I think a lot of it has to do with my relationship with Jerry. He had pretty much assured me after the first year that we were going to work something out. Jerry's always been a man that keeps his word, so I never worried about it.

Reindsorf has had a history of refusing to deal with coach's agents, something Thibs did not deny in the WMVP interview. But if you own that history of meddling, I guess the chairman deserves the credit too: he got this deal done.

There's lots more in those interviews about the adjustments Thibs will be making in practice and on the court with some of his new troops, so check 'em out.