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Bulls Media Day 2012: Joakim Noah declares himself fully healthy for training camp

Joakim Noah had to skip the 2012 Olympics after a sprained ankle ended his Bulls season, but he says he's fully back and ready now.

Eric P. Mull-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Derrick Rose may have had the more significant injury to discuss on Monday, but Joakim Noah's severe ankle sprain had more to do with the training camp that is officially underway. Noah gave some good news on his status:

My ankle is really good. I spent a lot of time just rehabbing this offseason. I had a very hard decision to make in not playing in the Olympics. That was very difficult for me just having to say no to that because I knew I wasn't 100 percent yet. I knew a lot would be expected from me [this season] and I feel pretty ready.

It's not a huge surprise that Noah would be good to go as it was 'just' an ankle sprain, but the last we had heard about it was 5 weeks ago and he wasn't able to do 5-on-5 at that time. And as Noah mentioned, the sprain was so severe that he did have to skip the Olympics.

The other big news with Noah this summer was his reported tutelage from big-man coach Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, though I've seen no follow-up on that and I'm not sure exactly how that worked out with the ankle not being fully healed. I'm sure it's all sky-hooks from here, except for Noah they're called sky-high-hooks because of his, er, proclivities. I'll work on that one.