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Tom Thibodeau contract: Nick Friedell reports 'sense of optimism' that deal gets done before season

ESPN Chicago's Nick Friedell is reporting that some people in the Chicago Bulls organization have a "sense of optimism" that a new deal for coach Tom Thibodeau will be reached before the season starts.

Jonathan Daniel - Getty Images

As we all know, Chicago Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau still doesn't have a contract extension. The Bulls picked up Thibs' option for this season, but it would be wise of them to pony up and get a new deal done soon so he doesn't head to coaching free agency next offseason. The man deserves it, and using the new contract of Oklahoma City Thunder coach Scott Brooks as a reference, one would think it wouldn't be too difficult to reach an accord.

The reports throughout the summer, especially from the Chicago Tribune's K.C. Johnson, haven't been all that encouraging. Starting on draft night, K.C. has insisted that how the Scott Skiles situation played out may be affecting these talks, which is pretty absurd in my mind.

But perhaps things are looking up on the Thibs front? ESPN Chicago's Nick Friedell wrote this when discussing if the Bulls' headmaster would get a new deal:

The answer is probably yes, and it could happen soon. There is a sense of optimism among some in the organization that this deal could get done before the regular season begins.

It's also worth nothing that K.C. wrote last night that the "gaps have closed" on the sides' differences on years and money. I won't be happy until a new deal is actually announced, but it appears that things are headed in the right direction.