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Chicago Bulls Media Day: some primers before training camp

The Bulls kick off training camp today for the 2012-13 season.

Jonathan Daniel - Getty Images

Today is media day at the Berto Center, and Gar Paxdorf will pop up their heads for the first time since the outset of this offseason. Remember way back then, when it was all 'basketball decisions' this, and 'priority Omer Asik' that? They're likely hoping everyone forgot, but I'm hoping that isn't the case. What I fear is pointless questions about Derrick Rose's knee rehab, a subject they either don't know or won't tell us the truth about.

To get you all started this morning, over the weekend both KC Johnson and Aggrey Sam posted a 'state of the Bulls' article. Some of it is the usual training camp fodder, stuff like Kirk being in great shape, or Rip Hamilton "having a strong offseason" (not sure what that line from KC meant). But there's also appropriate mention of key issues to be resolved this month, not only for on the court but the possible contract extensions of both Taj Gibson and Tom Thibodeau.

There should be a lot of actual content coming from the Bulls news-verse today, so stick around.

(we already had enough of Sam Smith's previews last week)