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Bulls 98, Wizards 88: Rose, Bulls quickly back to winning ways

I'll preemptively rail against the idea that Rose was somehow more geared towards Monday's game than any other because of some kind of make-believe redemption story after daring to miss free throws on Sunday. I think, instead, that's it's more the case of him continuing a streak of great play (including the Heat game), combined with playing the Wizards. But whatever the cause, Rose indeed looked spectacular in his 3rd straight 30+ point game. Bullets Forever provides a succinct view of the daunting task the other side usually faces:

Rose is simply phenomenal. It's hard to hold him down -- you really have to hope your big men are sliding their feet so well that they're beating him to the spot, which is so hard. If that fails, you have to hope he's not making absurd floaters, but he was tonight.

They go on to praise Rose's defense, and it was obvious to see how John Wall has some of Derrick Rose's talent but nowhere near the skill level. The difficulty of the floater shot that Rose has begun to master was evident in how poorly Wall's contorted attempts came off. Wall did put in a better performance than his previous ones against the Bulls, but it was still clear how many levels Rose is above him on both ends of the court.

Elsewhere for the Bulls, Kyle Korver played 44 minutes (no Deng or Rip), and though he cooled off a bit at the end he was huge in opening up their biggest lead in the 3rd quarter...Joakim Noah continued his stretch of great play with 13 rebounds with 14 points...Carlos Boozer scored inside a bit, and yes it was against a weak Wizards frontline, but as I always say it's better than him not doing that...the Boozer/Noah frontcourt got the bulk of the minutes as Jimmy Butler played more minutes than either Taj Gibson or Omer Asik.

It was a bit of a bummer of a 4th quarter where the Wizards were able to hang around through active defense (19 turnovers from the Bulls) to make the Bulls work after they had a 21-point 2nd half lead. Luckily, the Wiz really couldn't execute offense (mostly due to Nick Young) well enough to be a real threat, but it was another potentially valuable rest period for Derrick Rose that didn't happen. Ah well, at least he got his 'revenge'.