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Countdown to Miami notes: Deng likely out, Rip uncertain, Mike James released

Some roster news for the Bulls, in the shadow of Dwyane Wade's return on Friday night:

  • From the outset of finding out about Luol Deng's injury, it had been reported (by KC Johnson, first) that Luol was somehow targeting the Sunday afternoon Miami game to play. In an in-house interview on before Friday night's game (ht: McGraw), Deng not only says he's 'a week away' but openly calls out that report and saying he never had a specific game: when he's ready, he'll play.
  • Rip sat out the Friday game, but no status given for Miami:
    Hamilton missed his 11th game after suffering a previously undisclosed right thigh bruise during Wednesday's loss to the Pacers. The sore groin that sidelined him for the other 10 also flared a bit, though that isn't considered serious.

    I do remember the play in the Pacers game where he was slow to get up, but he obviously stayed in. This is just going to be a fact of the Hamilton signing. He's old. Just hope he plays for the ones that really count, I guess.
  • And lastly, Mike James was released. Reported big-man options are Joel Przybilla and Leon Powe. Obviously it's a bigger need in the front court presently as opposed to a 4th PG, but there was indeed a 'Mike James game' this season.