Bulls vs. New Jersey Nets: Game Preview #19

[Thanks to kidronmusic for today's game preview. I don't begrudge him (too much) for half-assing it, nobody really knows what's going on with Deng's injury status and it understandably overshadowing the Nets matchup. Gamethread at 7:08. -ed.]

Tonight the much injured, but thankfully deep Chicago Bulls take on the pretty crappy, but still Superman's favorite New Jersey Nets...

This is the two teams first matchup of the season, Coming into tonight the nets are just 5-12, with the Bulls a league best 15-3. We had the advantage last year taking 3 out of the 4 games, and 4 of the last 6 overall.

It's tough to know who to expect to see on the court tonight as twitter and BlogABull abound with speculation as to who is in, who is out, and who should be in or out....

Rose seems to be expecting to play, saying that the toe feels "decent", and he participated fully in practice. There is some speculation from concerned amateur doctors (aka: worried fans) that he be best off not playing, since we should be able to get past the Nets without him, but you know that Rose will want to be on the court to show once again that he is better at basketball than Deron Williams.

Taj is out, Lucas is doubtful. Noah is a gametime/probable. If Noah is out, we could see another early White Mamba appearance which would surely delight the home crowd.

The bigger story, emerging the last hour or so, is speculation that Loul Deng could be out for the season, or at least a while. Story from PippenAintEasy Here. He had a doctors visit today and Doug Thonus, KC Johnson, and Aggrey Sam had some twitter speculation worth checking if you're curious... This one from KC:

Fact Deng got MRI yesterday and is at doctor today means he could be out a bit. Wrote yesterday will be conservative with injury.

(***EDIT*** To reiterate, for the sake of THEKILLERWHALE's comment below, this is all just speculation, and that's an article from a website that isn't exactly the premier Bulls journalistic web entity. But still, it's hard to not worry about Deng missiing time, as he has been our minutes leader since Thibs stepped off his plane from Boston. ***)

Alright, I planned to write more, But I have to get in the car and sit in traffic for a couple hours so I can be in the 200 level for tip off! I'm wearing my Deng jersey in hopeful effigy of our fallen warrior. God Speed Luol, we don't know what Thibs will do without you! Hopefully you are back on the court for 49 minutes a game next week!

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