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Derrick Rose injury: held out of Thursday practice, not ruled out for Cavs game

[Note by your friendly BullsBlogger, 01/20/12 9:27 AM CST: Rose missed the Friday morning shootaround, but had plenty to say about the injury:

Rose, for the first time, admitted the injury is worse than the turf toe that bothered him during his second season, which didn't cause him to miss any games. He also said he can't bend the toe. And also for the first time, Rose said he has "a little regret" for averaging 40 minutes in back-to-back games against Boston and Toronto last weekend.

There's more at the link. If you're wondering how that jives with the one actually controlling the playing time, this is a pretty revealing quote from Thibs: "Nobody can say how he feels. He has to say how he feels. If he's feeling good, then he plays."]

Tom Thibodeau's birthday may have been Tuesday, but he received a late present with an actual practice at the Berto Center on Thursday. Unfortunately, Derrick Rose didn't participate, and Thibodeau was on AM1000 the day before to make the diagnosis seem even less clear than before, calling it "more of a sprain than the turf toe".

My limited knowledge indicates that turf toe is a type of sprain, so...I dunno. Maybe it IS turf toe, just not severe? Thibodeau does mention Rose's history with the injury, and (Dr.) Scoop Jackson haphazardly threw out there that "rumors are...that this injury is pre-existing and possibly degenerative". I'd make a dig about Scoop's own production being degenerative if it was ever somewhere to degenerate from, but why not thrown that potential nonsense on this pile of worry. ESPN employs the guy, but they also put out this keen graphic of a toe, so it's pretty much a wash.

It's still a question is whether Rose will play in the weekend games at Cleveland and against Charlotte, a couple that are winnable even without the MVP. While Thibs is dismissing a planned absence and insisting it's a day-to-day injury, KC Johnson lays out the fortuitous timing if the Bulls did go that route:

If Rose misses both those games, he will have had eight full days of rest before next week's schedule arrives. That week is one of the most normal of the entire season, with three straight home games and no back-to-back games. The Bulls play at home Monday, Wednesday and Friday with practice days in between, a rarity in this compressed, lockout-induced schedule.

After that, the Bulls' season-high, nine-game trip begins with a Sunday afternoon game in Miami.

It may be something the Bulls wrestle with all season, and seemingly all teams are doing something similar in this lockout schedule. Just recently TrueHoop did some impressive work looking at the total season minutes for stars from title teams, and at least in terms of correlation it may work out for Rose to lose some miles off the season odometer.