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Ticket Contest: Guess Bulls Top Scorer, Win Two Bulls Tickets from TiqIQ

Hey gang, one of SBNation's fine partners is TiqIQ, a site that's an aggregate of the secondary ticket market (including their own offers), something that could come in handy for Bulls fans moreso than those of nearly every other team.

They're running a contest on their Facebook page, a chance to win tickets to an upcoming game.

Here's the details:

So to recap, to enter all you have to do is:

  • Go to the TiqIQ Facebook page and like them and then enter your guess on their FB wall
  • (you should already be liking BaB on Facebook!)
  • Contest rules here
  • Deadline for entries is January 6. And you already have 5 games in of sweet data, and the knowledge that CJ Watson is likely not going to be the Bulls leading scorer.