(UPDATE: Rose likely OUT) Bulls vs. Dakota Wizards: Game Preview #12

[Thanks to Kunaal for today's game preview. Sadly, it may be all for naught as Derrick Rose may be out tonight. Former Wizard (among many other things) Mike James has been signed from the DLeague. I'll be at the game! Crud. Preview after the jump -ed.]

No, I'm not a complete idiot and I do know how to spell. But with the way the Washington Wizards have started the season I just figured they belong in the D-League. The Wizards got their first win of the season against the pretty terrible Toronto Raptors. but they have begun the season 1-8 and don't even belong on the same court as the 9-2 Bulls.

The Wizards will be playing their third game in four nights and have a confusing/awful roster that consists of overpaid players, ball hogs, and players who will never reach their potential in Washington (primarily John Wall). They have Nick Young who believes that you get points just for shot attempts, Jordan Crawford who has the same mindset with the additional belief that one day he can be better than Michael Jordan, and the triple double whore Andray Blatche. If you have not seen that Youtube video of Blatche, I urge you to watch it below and thank me later.

The Bulls will try to become the second team this year (Thunder) to win their back-back-back after wins over both Detroit and Minnesota. Fatigue may be a factor after the starters played heavy minutes last night, but both teams will be tired so fatigue shouldn't make a huge difference. Rose and Deng both looked good last night so hopefully that continues, while Noah and Boozer will look to turn it around after both were again benched in favor of Asik and Gibson during the fourth quarter. On to the individual matchups.

PG: D Rose vs His Supposed Heir. As I said in an earlier preview, Rose will win every PG matchup and today is no different as long as his ankle is fine. Rose usually saves his best play for top notch guards like CP3 and Deron Williams, but if this game is close then I expect him to dominate John Wall and show him that hard work earns you the MVP, not doing the dougie. I don't know Rose personally, but I assume that he got annoyed of the John Wall hype and every writer predicting that Wall would become better than Rose. When John Wall declared for the draft, one executive went so far as to say that Derrick Rose was John Wall's floor which is obviously absurd. I don't mean to be overly critical of Wall because he is still very young, physically gifted, and has shown some brilliant flashes but the excessive hype was annoying even though it's not his fault. I almost feel bad for Wall because he may never reach his full potential playing alongside those knuckle heads in Washington. Advantage Rose.

SG: Brewer (possibly Hamilton) vs Nick Young. Not sure what the official word on Hamilton is but I expect Brewer to start. Nick Young is a pretty polarizing player because on one hand he is a gifted scorer who can single-handedly win a game. But on the other, much bigger hand, he is a guy who can shoot you right out of a game. Young is a poor defender and a seemingly awful teammate. Brewer has shot the ball much better this year while keeping up his good defense. All Ronnie needs to do tonight is keep Young from driving and let Young take long 2's which he falls in love with. Because of Young's ability to take over a game on occasion I'll call it a push.

SF: Lieutenant Deng vs Chris Singleton. To be honest, I don't know too much about Singleton and how his rookie season is going. He was a pretty popular guy in the draft out of Florida St who was known for his defense but he hasn't had a seamless transition to the NBA. Deng meanwhile is playing at an All Star level and had a terrific night last night. If he continues hitting his outside shot then he may be the second best two way SF in the league outside of Lebron James. Advantage Deng.

PF: Carlos Boozer vs Andray Blatche/Trevor Booker. The Wizards have started both these guys at the PF position and both are nothing to worry about. Though Boozer struggled last night, he should be able to have his way offensively on these weak defenders, especially Blatche who doesn't give a shit about anything besides triple doubles and money. Boozer will have to put in some effort on the defensive end because even though Blatche is an idiot, he does have some scoring ability. Advantage Boozer.

C: Joakim Noah vs Javale Mcgee. Noah has gotten off to a somewhat rocky start, but the WIzards are the type of team he can turn it around against. His help D will be valuable, Mcgee isn't much of a 1 on 1 player, and he'll be able to grab lots of boards. Mcgee on the other hand is a talented and supremely athletic big man who has yet to figure it out. He is a good shot blocker, I believe he had 12 blocks against us last time, but he also goes for the flashy blocks where he hits it out of bounds rather than to a teammate. He rebounds decently but Noah is still a better overall center and teammate. Advantage Noah.

Bench: This is a joke right? The bench mob gets to go up against a bench headlined by Rashard Lewis, Jordan Crawford, and Jan Vesely. Lewis is the most overpaid player in the league, Crawford is a worse Nick Young, and Vesely has shown nothing. He was the #5 pick in the NBA draft, but even Wizards fans seem kind of hopeless regarding this kid. It looks like his career defining moment will be his draft day kiss with his girlfriend. Advantage Bulls.

Coach: The reigning coach of the year Tom Thibodeau takes on a guy who will likely be fired midway through the season in Flip Saunders. He is the only coach I've ever seen who looks more disinterested than his Washington counterpart Mike Shanahan. Advantage Thibs.

Prediction: Bulls should get an easy win over a team that they are ten times better than. Anything other than a big win would be a shock and a disappointment.

Andray Blatche - The Man Who Just Wanted A Triple-Double... (via BasketballFail)

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